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Singapore Vita Agency: Ultimate Medical Consultation in Singapore Medical Translator Singapore

We understand that healthcare expenses in many countries are high. However, that is not the situation in Singapore. At Singapore Vita Agency, we help you alleviate your medical concerns and offer a remedy to your health problems. However, our benefits are not limited to high medical services. We also provide you with the best after-care services and an ideal environment to recuperate. We ensure:

  • Personalized services
  • Better quality of treatment
  • Privacy
  • Immediate treatment

Apart from providing Russian help in Singapore, we also provide translation and interpretation services for patients from other countries. We understand that it is not possible for our patients to gain a complete insight into various medical concepts and medical terminology. This is where our medical translators help you. We facilitate:

  • An appropriate translation of medical text
  • Complete translation services – From signage to surgical reports to pharmaceutical pamphlets to leaflets
  • Communication between the patients and the doctor and also the patients and the pharmaceutical companies
  • Assistance in laboratory tests, physical therapy, diagnostic screening or counselling

Preparing your trip

Medical Consultation in SingaporeChoose the right clinic We analyse your condition and after a detailed discussion with you on the benefits of various clinics, the cost factors and the treatment options, we help you in choosing the most appropriate clinic. Arrange an Appointment We consider your ailment and the background of the doctors, their experience and qualifications to choose the right doctor for you. We assure you that our doctors will provide you with the best possible treatment. Prepare your medical documentation Our experts, with their focus, patience and attention to detail, will prepare your medical documentation. Our medical translators adequately interpret medical terms, medical procedures and pharmacology for you.

Throughout your stay in Singapore, we offer the following services:

  • Accompany you at the hospital
  • Help you with hospital registration
  • Guide you throughout the examination
  • Offer other services and assistance
  • Other Services & Assistance

медицинские услуги сингапур

Our after-care services include:

  • Help you stay in contact with your doctor
  • Forward your medical file to your country, if needed
  • Other required services

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