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Singapore Vita Agency: The Best Medical & Travel Assistance for Russians

We welcome you to our website, Singapore Vita Agency. I am Anastasia Bely, the owner and Managing Director of the company.
Medical & Travel Assistance for Russian

I belong to Saint Petersburg in Russia. My tryst with Europe began with my schooling in France. Later, I got the opportunity to study in one of the best Hospitality Management Universities in Switzerland. I got married soon after my graduation and moved to Singapore with my husband.

Soon after arriving in Singapore, I went for a medical check-up and was pleasantly surprised with the hospital’s professionalism and efficiency. With considerate doctors and helpful staff, the hospital offered high level of services. Furthermore, I was amazed by the prices, as they were incredible when compared to medical services in the United States of America and Europe.

Later, I accompanied my mother to the Raffles Hospital for a complete check-up. While I performed the role of a translator between the doctor and my mother, the doctor asked me if I could help them communicate with other Russian-speaking patients. “A medical interpreter? This is the job for me.” I felt. I thought over the idea of being a Russian medical consultant in Singapore. I considered the idea of solving people’s medical concerns with advanced medical treatments. And the result is for you to see – in the form of Singapore vita Agency.

After this, I worked hard to gain an extensive education on this subject. Then, I applied and went through all the formalities to establish my own company in Singapore. As trained medical consultants, we are now well prepared to answer your queries on seeking medical facilities in Singapore and your stay in the country.

Medical Interpreter Singapore

We understand that it is not easy to go to a distant country to seek medical services. Right from medical expenses and unknown specialists to language barriers, you may be concerned about many aspects. And this is where we come in. We pay attention to your queries, solve your problems and help you get the best medical assistance in Singapore. At Singapore Vita Agency, we will always be there for you, as VITA means LIFE.

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